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Have you ever heard about Ai Weiwei? He is an artist from China who is rebel with the government. Ai Weiwei is one of artist in twenty-one century. He is too brave and criticizes with the government who are made Chinese people suffered. Ai Weiwei criticizes the government who use communist not democracy through his artworks. He struggled for fighting them by tweeting in twitter, taking pictures of him and also staffs or polices and advising people to give opinion through social media. “To the media, I have become a symbolic figure, critical of China. According to the government, I am a dangerous threat” -Ai WeiWei-. Ai Weiwei is unique artist because he made lots of contemporary art. His artworks are documentaries, stadium of Beijing for Olympic, sunflower seeds and so on.

He made lots of documentaries about the polices’ violence with people and citizens, government’s corruption, government’s careless with the victim of earthquake. Ai Weiwei had beaten by police and took a picture at lift. Another beating people, polices filmed him but his fellows also filmed polices who will beat him or something else. His attitude is too humanistic and softhearted to citizens and victims of corrupted by government.

He held up his exhibition at Tate Modern Turbine Hall about the sunflower seeds. He stated that sunflower seeds as hope. He collected sunflower seeds one hundred and fifty ton for his exhibition. Stadium of Beijing for Olympic, he made it like bird nest. He designed like that because he said, “I did it because I love it.”

Alongside he is missing; people around the world make campaign about the releasing Ai Weiwei nonstop. Tate Modern in London putted a large sign that written “release Ai Weiwei”, the United states and Europe union also protested, even museum San Diego and so on. He is a famous artist and activist in movement of China to democracy. Then, he backs and say hello to fans.

Last I saw him on Internet, he was in his own studio, Beijing and was doing the man of Alcatraz with Legos. He was making it for releasing his lawyer. He said “He did not intended to put him in trace.”



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