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Last week, I learned about the Indonesian Art. That day, it was embarrassing because I am as Indonesian person who did not know well about the famous artists from Indonesia and also Indonesia Art. I only know a few about that art, which are including wayang (puppet) and batik. Indonesia art is more likely with the Rococo Era because on 1930, Indonesian was in romantic phases, which was influenced by Netherlands because Indonesia has not independent yet. Around the 1970s and 19680s, the art of Indonesia started for entering the modern era when Indonesia was a new independent country. There are some famous artists from Indonesia that I know a bit, who are, Eko Nugroho, FX Harsono, Fiona Tan, Dita Miranda, Raden Saleh and so on.

Eko Nugroho is from Yogyakarta and a young artist from Indonesia who are acknowledged by people. Besides of painting, he was a student who had participated with comic club “Daging Tumbuh” by publishing his artwork of comic. That time, he became to be famous in Yogyakarta, Bandung and also Jakarta. At 2002, His artworks was amused by wide-view’s people and also he was set up solo exhibition “Cerobong” at Cemetri Art House, Yogyakarta. His artworks valued as fresh and young colors for artist in Indonesia. Eko always be invited by somewhere country which are Europe, Australia and the U.S for showing his artworks which include the fifth Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at Queensland Art Gallery, Australia (2006) and so on. On 2011-2012, he was in travelling to the world by participating with collective show “Tranfigurations” at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris, had set up solo exhibition at Art Gallery of South Australia “The Eko Chamber”, “Temoin Hybride (Hybrid Witness) at Museum of Modern Art in Paris and “Threat With a Flavor” at Arndt Gallery in Berlin.

FX Harsono is from East Java and a contemporary artist and also a lecturer of faculty Art and Design at UPH, Tangerang. He had set up some his individual exhibitions, which are “Things Happen When We Remember at Art Space in Bandung, “What We Have Here Perceived As Truth/ We Shall Some Day Encounter As Beauty at Yogyakarta National Museum, “Writing In The Rain” in the U.S, “Testimonies” in Singapore and so on. He also got some awards, which are Prince Clause Fund Laureate Award 2014 and Anugerah Adhikarya Rupa Award from Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy 2014.

In conclusion, we should be proud ourselves because we as Indonesian have famous artists who have brought good reputation for Indonesia. We can do it if we have big expectation and desire. Never to stop trying and be remember “Success is you have failed many times.”


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