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            Have you realized about what is the design? Design has been there already since Ancient China, where the emperor orders for arrows to be designed. Beside of Ancient China, the design appeared in Germany around the 1920-1945, Neue Sachilchkeit (New Objectivity). That design had influenced deeply for their military’s experiences to worldviews. There are elements for the New Objectivity, which are a clear-eyed, direct and honest image.

            George Grosz was an artist of the New Objectivity era around 1893-1958. He associated with the Dada in Berlin, Germany and he observed the onset of World War I with fascination would be turned to anger and frustration. His artworks are The Eclipse of the Sun, what was not described as the Great War itself but as a commentary on the gullibility of the public and also a business-friendly pass.

            Adolf Hitler aspired to become an artist himself with the degenerate art. He had produced lots of drawings and paintings, what were reflecting his belief the zenith of Aryan art development. He opened Entartete Kunst in Munich on July 19th 1937 and included more than 650 paintings, sculptures and so on. That shows was immensely popular and attracted the people approximately 20,000 viewers.

            In 1919, Walter Gropius became the director of the Weimar School of Arts and Crafts in Germany, it founded in 1906. Gropius assumed a new name to the school “Das Staatliche Bauhaus”, what is means to “State School of Building”. His goal was to train artist, architects and designers to accept and anticipate 20th century needs. He developed an extensive curriculum, which is called as Bauhaus Manifesto and it published in April 1919. It was the importance of strong basic design (including the composition, two and three dimensionality and color theory) and craftsmanship as fundamental to excellent art and architectures. He asserted that there was no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman.

The Bauhaus strives to coordinate all creative effort, to achieve, in a new architecture, the unification of all training in art and design. The ultimate, if distant, goal of the Bauhaus is the collective work of art in which no barriers exist between the structural and the decorative arts.

Bauhaus offered courses in wide range, which are including furniture design, weaving, pottery, bookbinding, metalwork, stained glass, mural painting, stage design and advertising and typography, in addition to painting, sculpture and architecture. Those courses were used to encourage the elimination of the boundaries that traditionally separated art from architecture and art from craft. Moreover, both a technical instructor and a “teacher of form” taught in each department. Gropius wanted the Bauhaus to produce graduates who could design progressive environments that satisfied and useful for 20th century needs. He hoped for a marriage between art and industry, it was called as a synthesis of design and production.

In sum up, Bauhaus of design’s purpose is to help the living of human everyday, even if we do not realize it. When we design a product, we need to think about the materials, the form and how to we connect with the product. So, all forms are following the functions. The challenge for design is “Sustainability” because it would be exist later. All of designer will always think about how the future is going to be, not just the present time. They are developing new ideas and new inventions, or renewing what existed already. We tend to buy new mobile phones because of the new design because the fresh new things naturally attract us.


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