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Have you ever heard about photography? Photography divided into two words from Greek, “photos” means to light and “graphos” means to writing. Photography appeared around 19th century in Paris and it was a modern technological device was made shortly. Actually, the camera obscure was familiar to 18th century artists and it was a camera lucida (lighted room) replaced the enclosed chamber of the camera obscure. Today, the photographer aimed a little prism lens, hung on a stand, downward at an object and also projected images into a paper sheet. It can be the news, evidence, identification, beauty, art and also memory. The nation of memory is when you can remember the past that captured in the photo. Unfortunately, photography did not appear during renaissance while they already knew about the chemicals, lenses and camera. They could produce it, but they did not because they cannot afford it to get the portrait of themselves. Because of that, they need to pay people to draw them and it costs a lot. Stereographs is one part of photography and it is one of amusing and entertaining entertainment such as three-dimensional to experience the world by using some kind of device, one for your left eye and another for your right eye like using the binocular and it will become such a three-dimensional. If you use photography, we can gain knowledge like we see the detail and slow down something to watch them closely. Every picture has the perspective, even when you take picture. The picture also used to report the war happened at that time and we can share to the world.


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