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The Contemporary Art

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Last Monday, I attended the visual culture class. I learnt about the contemporary art and also the Pablo Picasso’s biography. Then, I am going to tell shortly about Pablo Picasso. I bet there is no one knows that who is Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso grew up in Spain and lived-died in Paris. He moved to Paris when he was young and thought that he should be part of the giddy liberty in Paris. He often gets visit and also uninvited quests to his studio and takes one of his works. He lives at a fancy apartment and classy gallery. Once day, he found a girl and interested to paint her into a painting and she became his lover. In the 1932, he drew her into a very sensual painting, what called as a very self-obsessed picture. He also drew many nude women and male in his painting as the form of modernism. His technique was the cubism sense and many things he draw differently what he actually sees. Picasso against the fascism through his brush and used it to criticize the government because politic do not interested at him at all, but he kept for drawing. He said modern art should be free form place and moment history. Goya, who was a romanticism artist and had inspired him. That was why he went back to his country when Spain was in a great poverty. He called it as the Black Spain and he drew a very cruel and creepy painting, which represents bulls and horses are the beasts, but there is a girl holding a candle with the candle. In that painting, the light represents as the hope and escape from the death. Then, he returned to Paris and found another crisis. There was a suburb, which politically anti-Franco (Spain’s leader) where suddenly six bombs dropped and the city torn apart. That was making Picasso drew the city (Guernica) into a painting as the night massacre, thought it actually happened in the afternoon. He had lots problems in relationship with mistress and wives and he started to draw his personal life problem into a painting. He used the light, which represents as the hope and optimism in the painting. Yet, he drew an evil light and also a good light (art), which means that arts can be a power to against the evil. So, Pablo Picasso is the revolution artist for 20th century, who was making the cubism, theatre, wardrobe and so on.

I learnt about the modernism, Dadaism, post-modernism, surrealism and fauvism. The word modernism comes from Latin and etymologically it comes from modern and isme. Hence, modernism is an ultimate form unity and truth of all, which has process in industrial and social. The style in modernism is formality. Within modernism, we have different style of arts, which are cubism, visionism, abstractism and so on. Picasso is one of famous painter, who use cubism technique, but in old era, artists used realistic style. So, there is nobody before he paint with the different point of aspect and perception. Fauvism is the style, where you use the color from the very different reality, for example you paint the blue face. Surrealism is the style impressionism of the landscape, not too detail but it uses abstraction. Dadaism happens in early 20th century and also in modernism, where modernism claimed as the eternal truth, later Dadaism comes to criticize it. It was a response against the belief in technology. Marcel Duchamp is the important artist in Dadaism and he put that thing into the museum. Lastly, he said that is art, not because people think it is art, but because he said so. In Dadaism, many unimportant things claimed as the art. So, Dadaism emphasizes that the process of making art is more important than how it look like. Postmodernism emphasizes that art is the celebration and life is enjoyable because it has no boundaries to tradition and beliefs, thus it should be celebrated. It created a new meaning not a new thing.


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