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The Gold Marilyn Monroe painting

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Pop art is famous art around of 19th century, which made by the silk-screening method. It appeared when it was in an excellent growth of economic in the United States around 19th century which it was in a world war II. Pop art was often used for advertising images to attract people to be a consumptive and also was often fun and happy. The techniques and approach of pop art were used more often found in advertising agency and it also often used the striking and iridescent colors, which are pink, red, yellow and so on. There were people who made pop arts, Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg and so on. The Gold Marilyn Monroe painting was one of the pop arts, which made by Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol had been obsessive with Hollywood since he was a young boy. Hence, that is why it was painted soon after the death of Marilyn Monroe at 1962. He used unique and traditional method, which it called as silk-screening. Silk-screening is a work art by using silk and stencil pencil. Andy Warhol made it as a tribute painting to Marilyn Monroe because he wanted to monumentalize her role and efforts as a film star and also it was more referred to a religious painting. Marilyn Monroe was considered as an icon of sex and the film star.

A few of Gold Marilyn Monroe’s descriptions are the iridescent gold background, the pink skin of her, the yellow hair of her and the blue makeup of her. He used iridescent gold color because the golden background referred to as a symbol of lavish life that was led by Marilyn Monroe and it was related to Niagara Movie in 1953 where she was a the main character. In religious, he represented the golden background as the background of byzantine Madonna and Child, what has golden background too. The bright yellow golden color in her hair was used to represent her blonde hair. This symbolizes a generous woman that ever guy want to be with. The blue makeup of her was represented as her beauty. “A bright cobalt or blue eyeshadow will make your gorgeous brown eyes sparkle.” – Marilyn Monroe Spas – The pink skin of her was represented as the one of colors skin of seasons, for example skin in spring is peachy, skin in summer is pinky, skin in autumn is orangey and skin in winter is white or pale skin.

In conclusion, the Gold Marilyn Monroe painting is the one of pop art, which is a famous painting. It shows at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). It has lots of descriptions and meaning of colors. Andy Warhol monumentalized the Gold Marilyn Monroe painting as a tribute painting because he had been obsessive with Hollywood since he was a young boy. Thus, Marilyn Monroe considered as lots of icon, which are the icon of beauty, the icon of sex and obviously the icon of film star. Actually, painters usually express their mind and feelings by painting and drawing with hidden messages and meanings.


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