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The Five Heroes of Enlightenment

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At Baroque and Rococo era, there were five heroes of the Enlightenment. They were Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Marques De Pombal and Erasmus Darwin. That was a beginning on England at 17th century, where was the age of new knowledge invented.

Isaac Newton was an inventor of modern science, found the gravity and an optic. He had made lots of works, what including optics, discoveries and so on. He believed that knowledge was not only about believes what written on the Bible, but it was also about observing what happen in our surroundings. He found the gravity while he slept and shocked because of the falling an apple on his head. Beside of found the gravity, he also wrote his discoveries in Latin. He was a lecturer in the Cambridge University and also the member of the first scientific association. He thought that the nature has the rules and it was not enough to be written on the book. He also drew a painting, what explained about the gravity theory. Indeed, he found the spectrum of colors by using a very simple stuff, what was a children’s toy at his house.

Voltaire was an Enlightenment writer, historian and also philosopher. Actually he was a French, but he moved to England because he found more freedom there than in France. He was a brave man, who believed in the freedom of speech, which including freedom of religion, expression and separation of church and state. He wrote lots pamphlets, books and so on. He planned a new world order and talked about the radical ideas. He also was an outspoken advocate and had placed him in under the strict laws.

Denis Diderot was an engine of Enlightenment. He wrote a book about knowledge was not from heaven excavation since he was in prison. Hence, he could not discover the world. He was proud of his father, because his father could produce everything with hands. He planned to write the encyclopedia in the jail. Indeed, after three months, the king released him from the jail because the king realized that his project could be profitable one for the kingdom. He became famous with his works of encyclopedia. His book was very expensive and only the elite members could afford it. That encyclopedia almost would burn by the church leader that time because it was forbidden to read by Catholic.

Marques De Pombal was a statesman in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal in 1775 was struck by the great earthquake. That time, Lisbon was one of the most religious city. The tsunami and earthquake had caused tens of thousands people died. They started to wonder why they still punished by God while they obey and pray to God. Hence, they did not believe to the church and God anymore. Marques started to bring and introduce the Enlightenment to people. He wanted to rebuild the city and made the water become accessible for the people. He used the access from the king to get the wealth from church for the sake of the people. He had built the city for 13 years by 45 thousand men. He used the Newton Theory for helping people and rebuilding the city. Later, Marques died because of executed by the church because church’s leader started to oppose him as they lost his power and write for influencing people to hate Marques.

Erasmus Darwin was a grandparent of Charles Darwin. He was born at Derbyshire and it is a city in England where the industrial revolution began. Darwin drew his finding of weaving machine, new kind of toilet and so on in his book. He believed that Enlightenment was all about process and also the world has constantly changed. Darwin traveled to the rural places, but he found that was not actually place of big industry, where he could find minerals and others inside the cave.

From four heroes of the Enlightenment, they said that science had displaced God from the life on the earth. They were famous scientist and wrote some books, which explained more detail and specific about theories of gravity, encyclopedia, machines and so on.

Rococo is late baroque era and very elaborate style, which has many details and accessories. It was a decorative art, which actually has no use for the building construction and also made from porcelain, ceramic and so on. Rococo usually appeared mostly in Austria, Southern Germany and also used for decorating church. Rococo is a reaction to the action of political action at that time. Beside of decorative art, it was also triggers the revolution in the beginning of 19th century. Some picture drew in Rococo era have the symbol and code behind it. Not all people can understand the meaning behind of the pictures, only people, who are highly educated could understand well.


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