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Caravaggio’s Life

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Full name of Caravaggio is Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio. He was a famous painter in Rome at Baroque Era and also the one who represent himself as a monster or the goliath or a villain in his paintings. He was someone who made paintings with realistic observation of the human state which are both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting and also put a oscuro into chiaroscuro (shadow). He drew lots of sinner not the saints and these are “Boy with a Basket of Fruit”, “The Musicians”, “Judith Beheading Holofernes”, “The Calling of Saint Matthew”, “The Entombment Christ”, “Conversion of Saint Paul” and so on. Caravaggio was the one who searched forgiveness and redemption furiously.

Caravaggio was born in Milan, Italy and he was an orphanage. He appreciated by painter, Simone Peterzano because of his talent in painting skill. He moved to Rome and drew an artwork what included “Boy with a Basket of Fruit”. He drew that painting with portrait himself.

He was the one who often punished in crime and jailed to prison. He had short-tempered and threatened the waiter and also had killed someone who was Rannucio Tomassoni by dueling with sword. Because of that duel, he was not satisfied with Rannucio who was harmed women. Aftermath of that duel, he flee for Malta and cannot accused by polices. However, late by August 1902 he was arrested and imprisoned.

That time, he was regretful and would to be forgiven by God. He drew and represented himself as the goliath who had lost with David by duel. That painting called “David with Head of Goliath” and it represented that Caravaggio died. Actually, Caravaggio still alive at that time and that painting was just visualization. Finally, he took a boat northwards to receive pardons and forgiveness. Then, he died of poisoning.


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