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The Northern Renaissance

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In the Northern Renaissance, there were many artworks which including prayer book known as Les Tres Riches Heures, The Annunciation, Merode Altarpiece, St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, Isenheim Altarpiece, The Ambassadors, The Harvesters, Allegory, Potrait of Amilcaren, Minerva and Asdrubaale Anguissola, The Last Supper, Entombment of Christ, Fall of Man and so on. There was a famous artist in the Northern Renaissance, Albert Durer (I had explained about his artworks and biography last week). Yet, I am going to explain again about more detail of his life.

Les Tres Riches Heures was made by Three Brothers of Limbourgs and as the beginning of the 15th Century for the duke of Berry, brother to the king of France. That painting contains a calendar. Their manuscript marks a high point in medieval tradition dating back hundreds of years. That is time which increasing number of Northern artists were turning to painting on panel with the oil paint.

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

After death of Raphael in 1520, there were next generations who were Titian and Michelangelo, still going strong. The one that has interested art historians most is known as Mannerism. That is comes from the Italian maniera, meaning “style” or “stylishness”, and it was originally used to suggest that these painters who use practice of grace and sophistication.

The Apocalypse is famous woodcut by Albert Durer of scenes from the Book of Revelation on 1498. It is explained about theological advice, particulary from the father of Durer’s friend Wilibald Pirckheimer. Albert Durer made it when it was first trip to Italy and he published simultaneously in Latin and German. The most famous print in the series is The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Nowadays, researchers found some interesting story, which is known plagiarism. Albert Durer was a victim of plagiarism, for example woodcut by Marcantonio Raimondi the inventor of plagiarism. Albert Durer was not too happy and claimed him. Albert Durer had fact and strong evidence what was his signature. That is why Albert Durer often put his signature on all of his artworks.

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Albert Durer's Signature

Albert Durer’s Signature


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