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The Northern Renaissance

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Two days ago, I attended The Visual Culture class with Mr. Rodrigo. I got lots of interesting stories about The Northern Renaissance. It was the most stunning and interesting. Renaissance is rebirth. The Northern Renaissance was started on 14-16th century. In the 15th century, it was the beginning of the art in Italy. Some arts made by most expensive materials and take a very long time to make these arts. In some area of the southern is rich and it brings benefit for population there because it has gold and diamond. An artist from Germany, Albrecht Durer becomes to the first famous artist. He created the Northern Renaissance that changed into the art forever. All of arts was started the revolution in political, so they spread the revolution idea through the art.

Albrecht Durer, the first famous artist in Renaissance.

Albrecht Durer, the first famous artist in Renaissance.

 Jan Van Eyck is known an artist with the most beautiful art, for example: Ghent Altarpiece, The Arnolfini Portrait, Madonna of Chancellor Rollin and so on. His artworks look alive and more detailed. He donated his art for the sake of the church.

Jan Van Eyck

Jan Van Eyck

Madonna of Rolin

Madonna of Rolin

Ghent Altarpiece

Ghent Altarpiece

The Well of Moses made by a sculptor, Claus Sluter. It looks a tall slender cross with hexagonal base which was surrounded by the six prophets who had foreseen the death of Christ on the cross, David, Jeremiah, Moses, Isaiah, Zachariah and Daniel. There are six weeping angels who standing between them. No one has been able to do these but he can do it. That is why he is so famous. His artworks look alive and individualize sense.


Claus Slutter

The Well of Moses

The Well of Moses

After a decade, these arts were used to illuminate, it used to open the window and show a new side of world. Some arts also created from several points in Bible. Some arts in the church were dominated with the visualization of God and some also reflect the humanity. The church has an important role in influencing the arts. In 16th century, most artists moved to another part of Europe to save the painting from the war. These arts were brought by Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French.

Gale is the painting has the most historical painting in Europe and also more complex pattern. It was considered from the sunlight in the room and the position of window which the light stop. Gale is more than the religious symbol. An artist, Ann Gale, who made the Gale Paintings love to draw with secret and detailed technical skills. He is now traveling to Cambridge, Massachusetts, US to see what material he used to create beautiful paintings.


Ann Gale

Some people work in extracting the mineral of stones to the oil or ink to paint. These stones are from Pakistan. The result of the colors will be so beautiful. There is a new innovation and they start to make more beautiful paint by adding the layer of oil on the paintings. These stones are more expensive and hard to be made. Jonathan Yeo said that oil painting is the best painting technic, because it has a very complicated color. He adores the old painter at the past because no one could even create the same paintings. The portrait painting is a new idea of painting, it tells people how important the person on the picture is. Today, the classic portrait becomes an industry and the document about people who live centuries ago. Portraits is not only about nature, but also being nature.

Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo

The Arnolfini Portrait is a famous portrait because researchers are still working and analyzing it. Researchers are debating and discussing what the portrait means and who are the couple in the portrait. No one knows exactly who they are and what is means. Someone said that maybe the man in the portrait has another wife, but she is not in the portrait, the mirror at the portrait also has meaning about what reflect the outside of the portrait and also the death and present life can be together in one frame, the candles on the portrait have also meaning about she is the most important part in his life, but one of the candles is off and it could mean he has lost one of the most beloved person. So, most artists always have hidden messages in artworks and have meanings beyond the artworks and it shows artist’s ideology.


The Arnolfini Wedding

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