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Most of people do not know what is “Mandala“? Well, I am going to explain about Mandala. Mandala is “circle” in English. Mandala is the symbol which usually used by Hinduism or Buddhist people. That is the ancient art and believes from Hinduism and Buddhist too. It usually shaped in circle, has four gates and center point. Sometimes, there are some black and white mandala and colorful too. They use it for spiritual guidance tools, for example meditation and trance. There are a lot of mandalas created from the different ways, for example sand-painting, water-coloring, sketching, acrylic-painting, marker, glass-painting and etc. For The Tibetan, they usually draw mandala by sand-painting. They use it for peace and life energy. There are some mandalas used by The Christians for their church. It was created into windows. Does my article help you know what is Mandala? Thank you.

That a is symbol hinduism.

That a is symbol hinduism.

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